SOUNDS: Concrete Jane

But where is Concrete Jane heading for? We don't really know, but then, is it really important? The first album published in 2016, was entirely "home-made" by the multi-instrumentalist Julien Zumkehr.

The same applies to the new "Brand New Slave" opus, whose release is planned for September 2019. Translation: “the slave of modern times", or how self-alienation provides the means for adversaries (opponents?) to continue, smoothly and effortlessly; in other words themes defending a cause, such as the suave "Hamburg" in reference to the G20 summit in 2017, but cleverly countered by frivolous forces like "Summertime" and multicolored well-dosed derision in "Johnny is not dead".

The style? Like its musicians, ever-changing, full of different influences: Noé Dubuis on drums (Hotel Gambas), Nico Burra on bass and Julien Zumkehr on guitar/vocals (Fargo / Random God / Monkberry Moon Orchestra). Sometimes garage-psyche, reminiscent of the acid trips of a Ty Segall brazenly libertarian; sometimes minimalistically folk and raw-boned like an ultra-introverted Andy Shauf, or "French groove poetic", ethically infused by the spirits (specters?) of the great Serge or Alain "themselves" if you please.

 Stylistically, aesthetically, thematically confusing and coherent at the same time; that’s what Concrete Jane’s all about!

Galerie/Türe/Bar: 19:00 Uhr

Eintritt: Fr. 15.00 / 10.00