SOUNDS: DeLaSar and Katt's Tales

Katt Tait, born in Washington DC (USA), is a singer, actress and writer. She is a catalyst for creativity whose mission is to spread joy all over the world... She raises the vibrations thanks to her voice and her colorful presence while blurring boundaries and genres. Katt brings personality to everything she touches... the soul.

DeLaSar, born in Geneva (CH), is a musician, singer and composer. He likes to mix and match genres. Electro-Pop , Rock & Soul, music has no borders, no labels. He has created several successful groups in Switzerland and Germany as TABOO-MH & DeLaSar. Born improviser, he lets chance and purpose running wild the inspiration of the moment.

DeLaSar & Katt’s Tales

As duo is an original and unique meeting of two free and independent artists. The juxtaposi=on of their specifics worlds brings new colours and a deep breath to their own original expressions, much to the delight of the listener. LIVE YOUR LIFE - debut album recorded in Washington DC at Brotherood Studio and released on 13th December 2019 shows their amazing talents.

Galerie/Türe/Bar: 19:15 Uhr

Eintritt: Fr. 20.00 / 12.00

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