SOUNDS: Duo Marzella

Four songs, in three languages, by two women in Marzella’s debut EP, Seasons of Life. Marzia and Ella are childhood friends who have been making music together since their teenage years. The two multi-instrumentalists, multi-linguist, singer-songwriters, harmony-lovers and arrangers reveal their new EP which touches on family generations, breaking cycles, and blossoming through the seasons year after year. With this EP, Marzella wish to convey their lust for self-reflection, and ever-growing passion.

« You know a lovely bird would be beautiful if it were free » are lyrics from Lovely Bird, the lead single from Seasons of Life. The song talks about letting the people you love blossom and be free. Marzella have just revealed the video for a second contemplative song from the EP, Wall of Words. The latter is about misunderstandings that divide people, starting as a ballad and ending in an epic orchestral cry of hope. 80 Summers was inspired by the story of a woman in the 1940s, who kept secrets which were discovered decades after her passing. It is sung as a discussion with her, wondering what her life would have been if she could start over in this day and age. Le Foglie Dell’Autunno is about a girl who moved far away from her home to a place that didn’t feel like one. It’s about hope, reassurance, not letting go, keeping on. Translated from Italian : « We walk to learn, we walk to teach, we walk to make mistakes, go on walk and you’ll find the right way ».

Seasons of Life was recorded and produced in France with Xavier Dromard (Brigitte, Tarja Turunen, Alain Souchon), and with virtuoso Max Lilja (Apocalyptica, Tarja Turunen) on cello. Marzella have been crafting their sound with great care and experimented with a number of sounds and textures. Marzia and Ella arranged the strings for Le Foglie Dell’Autunno and Wall of Words respectively, and both recorded the voices, lead electric and acoustic guitars, in addition to playing keyboard and singing choirs through guitar amps.

With this EP, you dive into stages of life and womanhood, what you can learn from others, from experiences, relationships, and how this can make you thrive.

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