SOUNDS: 3 Lafa

3 Lafa means, in Serbian, "three guys", or "three cool cats" in American slang. We are three men from Belgrade, Serbia that have - in one way or another - lived with pop music for the past 50 years.

Vlada Marković was in a star duet "Vlada & Bajka" with a friend, in the 70's. They were the Yugoslav version of Simon and Garfunkel, playing, recording, selling thousands of records and concert tickets, performing cover versions of "Sounds of Silence", "The Boxer" as well as many very successful own numbers ("Oblak", "Beograd"...). Currently, he runs and conducts the Belgrade Chamber Choir. Vlada sings and plays guitar, keyboards and flute. 3 Lafa perform many of his famous, original hits.

Nenad Janjić has - since always - entertained dozens and hundreds at parties and weddings, appeared in bars and concerts, with his numerous CDd's singing covers of popular and folk music from the region, Russia and the world. Sings and plays guitar, keyboards and accordion. 3 Lafa perform his adaptations of some less known Russian popular, folk and gypsy songs.

Pedja Ristić composed and recorded already in the 70s ("Goro moja") and has been a private party entertainer, with an international repertoire, ever since. Recently he started composing and recording again and 3 Lafa perform a few of his original songs, some from 4 decades and others 4 months ago.

3 Lafa sing covers of hits by Simon & Garfunkel, S’ vremena Na Vreme, Mamas & Papas, Vlada & Bajka, The Beatles, Don McLean, Novi Fosili, Sting, Arsen Dedić, Leonard Cohen, Lyube as well as own songs and many others.

3 Lafa perform on acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, accordion, flute, bass and diverse percussion, in Serbian, English, Russian, Latin and other languages and always manage to get their audiences - young or old - to sing and dance along.

Galerie/Türe/Bar: 19:30 Uhr

Eintritt: Fr. 30.00 / 20.00

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