JAZZ: Inuit Pagoda: ABGESAGT!

Inuit Pagode ist ein Afro-Jazz-Trio, das gerade "Analog Flood" in Zusammenarbeit mit den Grafikdesign-Werksatt U-Zehn in Neuenburg enthüllen hat. Neben der Veröffentlichung eines Vinyl, präsentiert die Gruppe ein 60-minütiges Set, das von Grafikproduktionen begleitet wird.

Nikola Jan Gross - saxophone
Emilio Vidal - guitar 

Jonas Albrecht - drums

Rooted in afro-jazz and experimental music, the musical approach of the trio INUIT PAGODA is keen to break free from the categories of style to create a lyrical and innovative universe. Formed by guitarist and composer Emilio Vidal, saxophonist Nikola Gross and drummer Jonas Albrecht, the band focuses a whole section of its artistic research on sound and graphic design. It is thus in line with these Swiss groups who grant themselves unlimited artistic freedom. For the ANALOG FLOOD project, the band has joined forces with the U-Zehn collective, a graphic design workshop in Neuchâtel specialized in silkscreen printing. This collaboration first gave birth to a LP, accompanied by a large-format booklet entirely made by the collective. In the spring of 2020, it will present a new live performance combining music and graphic productions - particularly from the use and experimentation of technologies such as mapping. This one will be provided live by the graphic designer Théo Glauser.

Galerie/Türe/Bar: 19:00 Uhr

Eintritt: Fr. 20.00 / 10.00

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