JAZZ: Les Chapeaux Noirs

Les Chapeaux Noirs is a jazz-electro project leaded by french drummer Victor Gachet. After having played all over France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Les Chapeaux Noirs released two albums (Eponyme – self production – 2011 and Lost Opus – Jazzin' Translation – 2015) and two EP (Timeless – Jazzin' Translation – 2013 and Blue Jungle – Broadcite Records - 2017). Composed by Léonard Kretz (saxophones tenor and soprano), Sébastien Valle (piano, keyboards, effects), Lionel Ehrhart (bass) and Victor Gachet (drums, effects), the band is working as a laboratory where jazz puts both hands in a rock energy, melting the sounds of acoustics instruments mastered with electronic effects. With all kinds of influences, Les Chapeaux Noirs plays an always evolving music, based on jazz music and improvisation where every instrumentist is also a composer and producer.

Les Chapeaux Noirs just released their new album ALMA on March 1st 2019.

Partners and credits: Jazzin' Translation, Artefact PRL, La Coda, Ville de Strasbourg, Spedidam, Adami, Studio des Variétés...

Galerie/Türe/Bar: 19:00 Uhr

Eintritt: Fr. 25.00 / 15.00

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