JAZZ: The Third Guy + Juan José Faccio

The Third Guy is a duo based in Brussels featuring Primož Sukič on guitar and Ruben Orio on percussion. Although the two musicians have already been playing together since 2014 during the post master-academy program offered by the ICTUS ensemble and the HoGent Conservatory, The Third Guy debuted in January 2017 as a result of an artistic residency at QO-2.

Their musical and artistic research is based on works that explore and blur boundaries between improvisation, programmed computer algorithms and composition. The duo also focuses on collaborating with other musicians (composers, interpreters, improvisers), and artists from other artistic fields, among whom each of them bring in new personalities and aesthetics, that reshape and sometimes even redefine the identity of the ensemble at every performance.

Since 2017 The Third Guy has premiered several works by composers such as James Saunders, Marko Ciciliani, Caroline Profanter, Matej Bonin, Elina Lukijanova, and Mihael Maierhof. Their performances have taken place in SIRGA Festival (Flix, Catalonia), University of Southampton (U.K.), Champ d’action in Antwerp, SPOR Festival in Aarhus (Denmark), Ljubljana City Museum (Slovenia), Miry concert Hall Ghent and iMAL Brussels, among others.

Juan José Faccio is a saxophonist based in Lucerne. He studied classical and contemporary performance at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) and Contemporary Performance at the Hochschule Musik Luzern (HSLU). In 2011 he studied abroad under the Erasmus program at the University of Music and Scenic Arts of Viena (UMDK), where he joined various new music projects, performing at the UNO HQ and the Austria National Radio (ÖRF). His interest in space, contemporary performance and audience experience led him to obtain a Master research degree in Music as Interdisciplinary Art at the University of Barcelona. In 2015 he published some papers about the graphic notation of Earl Brown. He has participated in the New Music Donaueschingen Festival, the Darmstadt Summer School, and the Schwetzingen Festival in Germany; and he also worked at the organization committee of the Wege der Wahrnehmung Festival in Lucerne. In 2016 he performed two interdisciplinary projects in Barcelona as Artist in Residence: Anòsmia and Con-Tacto. He is member of Ensemble of Nomads and SoundTrieb.

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